Thousands of interesting projects are made with unified, mixing and matching building blocks together. A couple of interesting cases made with unified are shown here.

  1. Prettier

    Uses unified to format Markdown

  2. Gatsby

    Uses unified to pull content into GraphQL

  3. See 26 other cases


The unified collective is a federated system of organizations, consisting in turn of projects, governed by the team members steering them. The members govern the collective through a consensus seeking decision making model, described in detail at unifiedjs/collective.

  1. Titus Wormer

    Teams: core, unified, remark, rehype, retext, redot, micromark, mdx, vfile, syntax tree

  2. Christian Murphy

    Teams: core, unified, remark, rehype, redot, vfile, syntax tree

  3. John Otander

    Teams: core, unified, remark, rehype, micromark, mdx

  4. Merlijn Vos

    Teams: core, unified, remark, rehype, retext, micromark, syntax tree

  5. Remco Haszing

    Teams: unified, remark, rehype, micromark, mdx, vfile, syntax tree

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Maintaining the collective, developing new projects, keeping everything fast and secure, and helping users, is a lot of work. Financial support lets the team spend more time maintaining existing projects and developing new ones. To support unified, become a sponsor or backer on OpenCollective.

  1. Vercel

    Develop. Preview. Ship. – Creators of nextjs.org

  2. GatsbyJS

  3. Motif

    When content meets code, magic happens ✨

  4. HashiCorp

  5. GitBook

  6. See 42 other sponsors


There are a couple of places to get support when using unified that are described in this section. Before participating in unified’s communities, please read our code of conduct. We expect that all community members adhere to the guidelines within.

Questions can be asked on GitHub Discussions in each org. Take a look at support.md to find out how to help us help you. It’s important to spend enough time making your question clear yet detailed, because generally speaking, if more time is spent on a quality question, less time is needed to give a good answer.

Issues can be raised on GitHub in one of the repositories under our organizations. See contributing.md to find out how to report problems. This document also explains how improve documentation and contribute to unified.

Security issues can be reported by email and are handled through security advisories on GitHub. See security.md to find out how to submit a report.


To learn about unified, browse our Learn section. This section includes several articles ranging from recipes that complete small, specific tasks, to guides that walk through how to complete bigger tasks. Additionally, the readmes of our projects (available through the Explore section, or on GitHub and npm), describe each project in detail.


Follow the @unifiedjs account on Twitter for news. You can also tweet at this account with questions or suggestions, or mention it when you made something with unified!

See the Releases section for recent releases.