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  1. ZEIT

    Our mission is to make cloud computing accessible to everyone

  2. GatsbyJS

  3. Netlify

    Netlify is everything you need to build fast, modern websites: continuous deployment, serverless functions, and so much more.

  4. Holloway

    We publish Guides for navigating life’s complexities.

  5. ThemeIsle

  6. Frontend Masters

    ⚡️ In-Depth JavaScript, Node.js & Front-End Engineering Courses

  7. Morgan Craft

    Technical Operator, Entrepreneur, Startup Advisor

  8. BoostIO

    The open source enthusiastic collective.

  9. Compositor

    Modern tools for designers & developers

  10. Open Collective Inc.

    We are on a mission to create a new generation of association, transparent by design

  11. François Hodierne

    French in Berlin. Husband. Dad. Web Technologist.

  12. Tierney Cyren

    ⬡.js / Senior Cloud Developer Advocate

  13. Shawn Allen

    Design systems nerd

  14. Lars Trieloff

  15. Ricky de Laveaga

    🔨 Building fresh packages...

  16. Alex Leon

  17. Daan van der Zwaag

    Design Technologist

  18. Kyle Smith

  19. Victor Felder

  20. Dan Burzo

  21. Sindre Sorhus

    Open Sourcerer

  22. Daniel O'Connor

  23. Jin Zhao

  24. 1337 Lawyers

  25. Xavier Damman

    Entrepreneur sharing ideas in copyleft


    VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting

  27. Pelle Wessman

    Tech lead @ HD-Sydsvenskan, open source contributor and IndieWeb participant