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Recent releases

  1. form8ion/remark-remove-travis-ci-badge@2.0.2·

    2.0.2 (2022-06-30)

    • Revert "chore(deps): update dependency @form8ion/remark-lint-preset to v4" (f635da7)
    • Revert "fix(deps): update dependency mdast-util-definitions to v5" (c330d43)
    • Revert "chore(deps): update remark monorepo" (d975b0f)
    • Revert "fix(deps): update dependency unist-util-remove to v3" (ae1eebd)
  2. mdx-js/eslint-mdx@2.0.1·

    2.0.1 (2022-06-29)

    Bug Fixes
    • add missing unist-util-visit and vfile deps (#405) (6b4fea7)
  3. aloisklink/remark-mermaid-dataurl@2.0.0·

    Breaking Changes

    • NodeJS 14.1 is the minimum supported version
    • The minimum version of mermaid-cli has been bumped to ^9.1.2. This has caused the following BREAKING CHANGES:
      • mermaid is now version ^9.0.0
        • Full CHANGELOG
        • BREAKING CHANGE: gitGraph's have been reinvented
          • The main branch is now called main, not master.
          • Plus numerous other `gitgraph changes, please see mermaid release notes.
      • puppeteer is now version ^14.1.0
        • BREAKING CHANGE: NodeJS 14 is the minimum supported version now.


    • Updated mermaid-cli version to ^9.1.2
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