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  2. React implementation for MDX
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React context for MDX.


What is this?

This package is a context based components provider for combining React with MDX.

When should I use this?

This package is not needed for MDX to work with React. But it is nice if you enjoy context-based props passing to avoid repetition. This package adds support for a React context based interface to set components (sometimes known as shortcodes) by passing them to an MDXProvider, which then are used in all nested MDX files implicitly. The alternative is to pass those components to each MDX file.


This package is ESM only: Node 12+ is needed to use it and it must be imported instead of required.


npm install @mdx-js/react@next


yarn add @mdx-js/react@next


import {MDXProvider} from '@mdx-js/react'
import Post from './post.mdx' // Assumes an integration is used to compile MDX -> JS.

const components = {
  em: props => <i {...props} />

<MDXProvider components={components}>
  <Post />

Note that you don’t have to use MDXProvider and can pass components directly:

-<MDXProvider components={components}>
-  <Post />
+<Post components={components} />

See ¶ React in § Getting started for how to get started with MDX and React. See ¶ MDX provider in § Using MDX for how to use an MDX provider.


This package exports the following identifiers: MDXContext, MDXProvider, useMDXComponents, and withMDXComponents. There is no default export.


Provider for MDX context.


Configuration (Object, optional).


Mapping of names for JSX components to React components (Record<string, string|Component|Components>, optional).


Turn off outer component context (boolean, default: false).


Children (JSX elements, optional).


JSX element.


Get current components from the MDX Context.


Additional components (Components) to use or a function that takes the current components and filters/merges/changes them ((currentComponents: Components) => Components).




🪦 Deprecated: This export is not recommended for use as it exposes internals which should be hidden. It might be removed in a future major release. Please use useMDXComponents to get context based components and MDXProvider to set context based components instead.

The React Context for MDX (React.Context).


🪦 Deprecated: This export is not recommended for use. It might be removed in a future major release. Please use useMDXComponents to get context based components instead.

Create a HOC of Components which is given the current context based MDX components.


This package is fully typed with TypeScript.

An additional Components type is exported, which represents the acceptable configuration for the functions and components from this project.


See § Security on our website for information.


See § Contribute on our website for ways to get started. See § Support for ways to get help.

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