Project: shikijs/twoslash

Package: eleventy-plugin-shiki-twoslash@1.1.0

  1. Dependents: 0
  2. An 11ty plugin which adds shiki with optional twoslash-powered code samples

    Eleventy Shiki Twoslash

    Sets up markdown code blocks to run through shiki which means it gets the VS Code quality syntax highlighting mixed with the twoslash JavaScript tooling from the TypeScript website.


    1. Check version of Eleventy: this plugin requires Eleventy 1.0 or newer, see below for details

    2. Install the dependency: yarn add eleventy-plugin-shiki-twoslash

    3. Include "eleventy-plugin-shiki-twoslash" in the plugins section of .eleventy.js

      const shikiTwoslash = require("eleventy-plugin-shiki-twoslash")
      module.exports = function (eleventyConfig) {
        eleventyConfig.addPlugin(shikiTwoslash, { theme: "nord" })
    4. Include the CSS which you can find in the next step

    5. Go read npmjs.com/package/remark-shiki-twoslash to see the next steps, and what is available, this module leaves all the heavy work to that module.

    Requires Eleventy 1.0 or greater

    This plugin makes use of features only available in Eleventy 1.0 or greater. It will not work with earlier versions of Eleventy. See the related issue for context. Until Eleventy 1.0 is has a general release, you may use canary releases with this plugin. See the project linked below as an example.


    An example usage of this plugin is available in the Shiki Twoslash repository.