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  2. esast utility to transform from estree
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esast utility to transform from estree.

This is often an optional transform: estrees can be used in most places where esast can be used, and vice versa. This makes sure nodes are plain JSON, adds unist positions, normalizes .bigint, and removes certain discouraged fields.


This package is ESM only: Node 12+ is needed to use it and it must be imported instead of required.


npm install esast-util-from-estree


import {parse} from 'acorn'
import {fromEstree} from 'esast-util-from-estree'

// Make acorn support comments and positional info.
var comments = []
var esast = parse(
  'export function x() { /* Something senseless */ console.log(/(?:)/ + 1n) }',
  {sourceType: 'module', locations: true, onComment: comments}
esast.comments = comments



  type: 'Program',
  body: [
      type: 'ExportNamedDeclaration',
      declaration: [Object],
      specifiers: [],
      source: null,
      position: [Object]
  sourceType: 'module',
  comments: [
      type: 'Block',
      value: ' Something senseless ',
      position: [Object]
  position: {
    start: {line: 1, column: 1, offset: 0},
    end: {line: 1, column: 75, offset: 74}


This package exports the following identifiers: fromEstree. There is no default export.

fromEstree(estree, options?)

Given an estree returns an esast.

Pass options.dirty: true to leave discouraged fields in the tree.


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