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  2. hast utility to merge class names together
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hast utility to merge class names together.


This package is ESM only: Node 12+ is needed to use it and it must be imported instead of required.


npm install hast-util-classnames


import {h} from 'hastscript'
import {classnames} from 'hast-util-classnames'

console.log(classnames('alpha bravo', {bravo: false}, [123, 'charlie']))

var node = h('p.alpha', 'Hi!')
console.log(classnames(node, 'bravo', ['charlie', {delta: false, echo: 1}]))


['123', 'alpha', 'charlie']
  type: 'element',
  tagName: 'p',
  properties: {className: ['alpha', 'bravo', 'charlie', 'echo']},
  children: [{type: 'text', value: 'Hi!'}]


This package exports the following identifiers: classnames. There is no default export.

classnames(node, …conditionals)

Utility to merge classes.

If the first argument is a node it should be an element. All conditionals are merged with the current class names and with each other, and then set on the element. Finally, node is returned.


If the first argument is not a node, all conditionals are merged with each other, and then the resulting array is returned.


A value that is either:


Classes are typically not harmful, however, if someone were able to inject classes, it could mean that user-provided content looks like official content, which may cause security problems due to impersonation. Either do not use user input in classnames or use hast-util-sanitize to clean the tree.


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