Project: shikijs/twoslash

Package: hexo-shiki-twoslash@1.0.36

  1. Dependents: 0
  2. A Hexo plugin which adds shiki with optional twoslash-powered code samples

    Hexo Shiki Twoslash

    Sets up markdown code blocks to run through shiki which means it gets the VS Code quality syntax highlighting mixed with the twoslash JavaScript tooling from the TypeScript website.


    1. Install the dependency: yarn add hexo-shiki-twoslash

    2. Disable highlight in ./config.yml:

      -  enable: true
      +  enable: false
    3. Configure the plugin via ./config.yml:

        theme: "nord"
    4. Follow the steps in npmjs.com/package/remark-shiki-twoslash to add the CSS requirements.

    5. Learn in npmjs.com/package/remark-shiki-twoslash to see what is available, this package leaves all the heavy work to that module.