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  2. The CommonMark markdown constructs
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The core CommonMark constructs needed to tokenize markdown. Some of these can be turned off, but they are often essential to markdown and weird things might happen.



This package is ESM only. In Node.js (version 12.20+, 14.14+, 16.0+, 18.0+), install with npm:

npm install micromark-core-commonmark

In Deno with esm.sh:

import * as core from 'https://esm.sh/micromark-core-commonmark@1'

In browsers with esm.sh:

<script type="module">
  import * as core from 'https://esm.sh/micromark-core-commonmark@1?bundle'


import {autolink} from 'micromark-core-commonmark'

console.log(autolink) // Do things with `autolink`.


This module exports the following identifiers: attention, autolink, blankLine, blockQuote, characterEscape, characterReference, codeFenced, codeIndented, codeText, content, definition, hardBreakEscape, headingAtx, htmlFlow, htmlText, labelEnd, labelStartImage, labelStartLink, lineEnding, list, setextUnderline, thematicBreak. There is no default export.

Each identifier refers to a construct.

See the code for more on the exported constructs.


See security.md in micromark/.github for how to submit a security report.


See contributing.md in micromark/.github for ways to get started. See support.md for ways to get help.

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