Project: micromark/micromark-extension-footnote

Package: micromark-extension-footnote@1.0.2

  1. Dependents: 0
  2. micromark extension to support footnotes
  1. unified 181
  2. markdown 154
  3. micromark 37
  4. micromark-extension 17
  5. definition 16
  6. footnote 6
  7. note 4


Stability: Legacy. This package is no longer recommended for use. It’s still covered by semantic-versioning guarantees and not yet deprecated, but use of this package should be avoided. Please use micromark-extension-gfm-footnote (or micromark-extension-gfm, which bundles includes it and all of GFM) instead. Those packages match how footnotes work on github.com, which is more likely to match the expectations of your authors.

Legacy documentation for this package is still available in Git.


MIT © Titus Wormer