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  2. micromark extension to support GFM task list items
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micromark extension to support GitHub flavored markdown task list items. This extension matches the GFM spec for the few things it defines and otherwise matches github.com.

This package provides the low-level modules for integrating with the micromark tokenizer and the micromark HTML compiler.

You probably shouldn’t use this package directly, but instead use mdast-util-gfm-task-list-item with mdast.



npm install micromark-extension-gfm-task-list-item




Note: syntax is the default export of this module, html is available at micromark-extension-gfm-task-list-item/html.

Support task list items. The exports are extensions for the micromark parser (to tokenize checks; can be passed in extensions) and the default HTML compiler (to compile as <input> elements; can be passed in htmlExtensions).


See contributing.md in micromark/.github for ways to get started. See support.md for ways to get help.

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