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  2. micromark extension to turn some markdown features off for MDX
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micromark extension to turn some markdown features off for MDX.

This package provides the low-level modules for integrating with the micromark tokenizer but has no handling of compiling to HTML.

There is no corresponding mdast utility. But you can use this through either micromark-extension-mdx or micromark-extension-mdxjs with mdast-util-mdx to support all of MDX (or MDX.js). Or, use it through remark-mdx (remark).



npm install micromark-extension-mdx-md


var mdxMd = require('micromark-extension-mdx-md')

micromark('...', {extensions: [mdxMd]})



Turn some markdown features (HTML, autolinks, indented code) off for MDX (or MDX.js).

The export of syntax is an extension for the micromark parser (to not tokenize some constructs; can be passed in extensions).

There are no options yet.


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