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  2. rehype plugin to add citation and bibliography from bibtex files
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rehype citation

rehype plugin to nicely format citations in markdown documents and insert bibliography in html format. It is meant to be used as a server side plugin and neatly integrates citeproc-js and citation-js within the remark-rehype ecosystem. Parsing of citations and all the wonderful regexes are adapted from Zettlr.

It supports both normal citations (such as [@foo]) and in-text citation (such as @foo), as well as author-date, numerical, and note styles.

Note styles is only compatible with Github Formatted Markdown (GFM). It is recommended to run remark-gfm before rehype-citation to ensure all footnote elements are correctly formatted.

API and options follows very closely to Rmarkdown and Pandoc



This package is ESM only: Node 12+ is needed to use it and it must be imported instead of required.

npm install rehype-citation


If you are using the plugin in a node environment, import from rehype-citation/node. For browser environments, import from rehype-citation/browser.

The following files are exported:

generator, generator function. Can be used to generate a rehype citation plugin. Takes in a citation-js Cite class. cite, a citation-js Cite instance. Add your own CSL / locales before passing in to the plugin generator . rehype-citation, re-exports the above 2 packages with a pre-configured rehype-citation plugin ready to use. Importing from rehype-citation directs to this file.

Use this package as a rehype plugin.

Some examples of how you might do that:

import rehype from 'rehype'
import rehypeCitation from 'rehype-citation'

rehype().use(rehypeCitation).process(/* some html */)

Sample markdown to HTML output


My markdown text [@Nash1950]

HTML Output:

<div>My markdown text (Nash, 1950)</div>
<div id="refs" class="references csl-bib-body">
  <div class="csl-entry">
    Nash, J. (1950). Equilibrium points in n-person games.
    <i>Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences</i>, <i>36</i>(1), 48–49.

Generating your own remark citation plugins

The default plugin comes configured with the en-US locale and the following CSL styles: apa, vancouver, harvard1, chicago and mla.

Use the generator function to customize your own remark-citation plugin and add your own CSL styles or locales.

import Cite from 'rehype-citation/cite'
import rehypeCitationGenerator from 'rehype-citation/generator'
import myStyle from '../style'
import myLocale from '../locale'

const config = Cite.plugins.config.get('@csl')
config.templates.add('mystyle', myStyle)
config.locales.add('myLocale', myLocale)

const rehypeCitation = rehypeCitationGenerator(Cite)


rehype().use(rehypeCitation, [options])

If no bibliography file is passed, the plugin will be skipped.



Type: string.

By default, if no bibliography file is passed, the plugin will be skipped.

Name of bibtex or CSL-JSON file.


Type: string. Default: process.cwd().

Required, path to file. Will be joined with options.bibliography and options.csl, if provided.


Type: 'apa'|'vancouver'|'harvard1'|'chicago'|'mla'|string. Default: apa.

For the main rehypeCitation plugin, one of 'apa', 'vancouver', 'harvard1', 'chicago', 'mla'. A local file path or URL to a valid CSL file is also accepted.


Type: string. Default: en-US.

Locale to use in formatting citations. Defaults to en-US. A local file path or URL to a valid locale file is also accepted.


Type: boolean. Default: false.

Suppress bibliography? By default, biliography is inserted after the entire markdown file. If the file contains [^ref], the biliography will be inserted there instead.


Type: string[].

Citation IDs (@item1) to include in the bibliography even if they are not cited in the document.


Type: string[].

Array of classes for inline citations.


Type: string[].

Array of classes for inline bibliography. Leave empty to disable inline bibliography.


Type: boolean. Default: false.

If true, citations will be hyperlinked to the corresponding bibliography entries (for author-date and numeric styles only).