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  2. CLI to process Markdown with remark using plugins
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Command line interface for remark.



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npm install remark-cli


# Add a table of contents to `readme.md`
$ remark readme.md --use toc --output

# Lint markdown files in the current directory
# according to the markdown style guide.
$ remark . --use preset-lint-markdown-style-guide


See unified-args, which provides the interface, for more info on all available options.

Usage: remark [options] [path | glob ...]

  CLI to process Markdown with remark using plugins


  -h  --help                output usage information
  -v  --version             output version number
  -o  --output [path]       specify output location
  -r  --rc-path <path>      specify configuration file
  -i  --ignore-path <path>  specify ignore file
  -s  --setting <settings>  specify settings
  -e  --ext <extensions>    specify extensions
  -u  --use <plugins>       use plugins
  -w  --watch               watch for changes and reprocess
  -q  --quiet               output only warnings and errors
  -S  --silent              output only errors
  -f  --frail               exit with 1 on warnings
  -t  --tree                specify input and output as syntax tree
      --report <reporter>   specify reporter
      --file-path <path>    specify path to process as
      --tree-in             specify input as syntax tree
      --tree-out            output syntax tree
      --inspect             output formatted syntax tree
      --[no-]stdout         specify writing to stdout (on by default)
      --[no-]color          specify color in report (on by default)
      --[no-]config         search for configuration files (on by default)
      --[no-]ignore         search for ignore files (on by default)


  # Process `input.md`
  $ remark input.md -o output.md

  # Pipe
  $ remark < input.md > output.md

  # Rewrite all applicable files
  $ remark . -o


As Markdown is sometimes used for HTML, and improper use of HTML can open you up to a cross-site scripting (XSS) attack, use of remark can also be unsafe. When going to HTML, use remark in combination with the rehype ecosystem, and use rehype-sanitize to make the tree safe.

Use of remark plugins could also open you up to other attacks. Carefully assess each plugin and the risks involved in using them.


See contributing.md in remarkjs/.github for ways to get started. See support.md for ways to get help. Ideas for new plugins and tools can be posted in remarkjs/ideas.

A curated list of awesome remark resources can be found in awesome remark.

This project has a Code of Conduct. By interacting with this repository, organisation, or community you agree to abide by its terms.


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