Project: remarkjs/remark-lint

Package: remark-lint@9.1.0

  1. Dependents: 71
  2. remark plugin to lint Markdown code style
  1. remark 196
  2. unified 173
  3. markdown 139
  4. plugin 137
  5. mdast 83
  6. lint 77
  7. remark-plugin 74
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remark plugin to lint Markdown code style.

Read more about remark-lint on the monorepo readme.

This package doesn’t do much other than suppressing messages through comments.

If you’re using presets, they already include remark-lint itself. If you’re using just plugins, you have to include remark-lint explicitly.


This package is ESM only: Node 12+ is needed to use it and it must be imported instead of required.


npm install remark-lint


You probably want to use it on the CLI through a config file:

 "remarkConfig": {
   "plugins": [
+    "lint",

Or use it on the CLI directly

remark -u lint readme.md

Or use this on the API:

 import {remark} from 'remark'
 import {reporter} from 'vfile-reporter'
 import remarkLint from 'remarkLint'

+  .use(remarkLint)
   .process('_Emphasis_ and **importance**')
   .then((file) => {


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