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  2. A remark plugin for changing image sources to JavaScript imports using MDX
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A remark plugin for changing image sources to JavaScript imports using MDX

Table of Contents


npm install remark-mdx-images


This remark plugin takes markdown images, and converts them into mdx elements <img /> that use JavaScript imports to resolve the image source.

For example, given a file named example.mdx with the following contents:

![Very cute kittens](./kittens.png 'Meow!')

The following script:

import { readFile } from 'node:fs/promises'

import { compile } from '@mdx-js/mdx'
import remarkMdxImages from 'remark-mdx-images'

const { contents } = await compile(await readFile('example.mdx'), {
  jsx: true,
  remarkPlugins: [remarkMdxImages]

Roughly yields:

import kittens from './kittens.png'

export default function MDXContent() {
  return (
      <img alt="Very cute kittens" src={kittens} title="Meow!" />




By default imports are resolved relative to the markdown file. This matches default markdown behaviour. If this is set to false, this behaviour is removed and URLs are no longer processed. This allows to import images from node_modules. If this is disabled, local images can still be imported by prepending the path with ./.


This project is compatible with Node.js 18 or greater.


MIT © Remco Haszing