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Package: retext-indefinite-article@4.2.0

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  2. retext plugin to check if indefinite articles (a, an) are used correctly
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retext plugin to check a and an.


What is this?

This package is a unified (retext) plugin to check indefinite articles (a and an). It’s more complex than checking vowels, as it has to do with sounds. This package knows about how digits are pronounced as well.

When should I use this?

You can use this plugin when you’re dealing with content that might contain grammar mistakes, and have authors that can fix that content.


This package is ESM only. In Node.js (version 16+), install with npm:

npm install retext-indefinite-article

In Deno with esm.sh:

import retextIndefiniteArticle from 'https://esm.sh/retext-indefinite-article@5'

In browsers with esm.sh:

<script type="module">
  import retextIndefiniteArticle from 'https://esm.sh/retext-indefinite-article@5?bundle'


Say our document example.txt contains:

He should, a 8-year old boy, should have arrived a hour
ago on an European flight.
An historic event, or a historic event? Both are fine.

…and our module example.js contains:

import retextEnglish from 'retext-english'
import retextIndefiniteArticle from 'retext-indefinite-article'
import retextStringify from 'retext-stringify'
import {read} from 'to-vfile'
import {unified} from 'unified'
import {reporter} from 'vfile-reporter'

const file = await unified()
  .process(await read('example.txt'))


…now running node example.js yields:

1:12-1:13 warning Unexpected article `a` before `8-year`, expected `an`   retext-indefinite-article retext-indefinite-article
1:50-1:51 warning Unexpected article `a` before `hour`, expected `an`     retext-indefinite-article retext-indefinite-article
2:8-2:10  warning Unexpected article `an` before `European`, expected `a` retext-indefinite-article retext-indefinite-article

⚠ 3 warnings


This package exports no identifiers. The default export is retextIndefiniteArticle.


Check a and an.


There are no parameters.


Transform (Transformer).


Each message is emitted as a VFileMessage on file, with source set to 'retext-indefinite-article', ruleId to 'retext-indefinite-article', actual to the unexpected word, and expected to suggestions.


This package is fully typed with TypeScript. It exports no additional types.


Projects maintained by the unified collective are compatible with maintained versions of Node.js.

When we cut a new major release, we drop support for unmaintained versions of Node. This means we try to keep the current release line, retext-indefinite-article@^5, compatible with Node.js 16.


See contributing.md in retextjs/.github for ways to get started. See support.md for ways to get help.

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