Learn unified through articles, each telling a story, that walks through how to complete a certain task

  1. Intro to unified

    Guide that summarises the what and why of unified

    1. guide
    2. welcome
    3. introduction
  2. Use unified

    Guide that delves into transforming Markdown to HTML

    1. guide
    2. use
    3. transform
    4. remark
    5. rehype
  3. Create a plugin

    Guide that shows how to create a (retext) plugin

    1. guide
    2. plugin
    3. retext
  4. Create an editor

    Guide that shows how to create a fancy app ✨

    1. guide
    2. editor
    3. dingus
  5. Intro to syntax trees

    Guide that shows the basics of syntax trees (ASTs)

    1. guide
  6. Using plugins

    Guide that shows how to use plugins and presets

    1. guide